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The chamber orchestra Ensemble Classico

The chamber orchestra Ensemble Classico was formed 1989 by concert violinists Pierre Cochand and Lui Chan and brings together musicians from various countries, numbering Switzerland, China, Japan, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Spain, Italy and the United States. The chamber orchestra is expanded to suit concert programme requirements. Ensemble Classico performs periodically throughout the world, travelling from Beijing to Shanghai and from Vienna to New York. The orchestra also participates in many European music festivals such as Bregenz festivals, performs Northern Austria foundation concerts, Halbturn castle concerts, the imperial hall concert in Memmingen and Rapperswil castle concerts, the concert cycle ?Musik im Kloster Einsiedeln? and participates in many other musical events, too. It has also performed with famous soloists in the Genoa, Barcelona, Palma, Ibiza, St. Tropez Mediterranean cruise. Besides performing for radio and television broadcasts and in recording studios, Ensemble Classico performs with the famous soloists Peter-Lukas Graf, Michael Martin Kofler, Ursula Holliger, Marlise Ganz, Alfons Kontarsky, Konrad Ragossnig, Zuzana Ruzckova, Boris Pergamenschikow, Arkady Shilkloper, Wen-Sinn Yang and many other well known artists.

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